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Yet Another Lawsuit Seeking to Limit California Oil Development

The clamor over hydraulic fracturing continued Wednesday as environmental activists filed another lawsuit to limit oil and gas development in California.  The lawsuit, filed by Earthjustice on behalf of the Center for Biological Diversity and Los Padres ForestWatch, challenges a plan to open portions of federal land in California to oil and gas operations. The … Continue Reading

Monterey County Rejects Fracking Moratorium

On Tuesday, March 17, Monterey County’s Board of Supervisors voted against a temporary ban on hydraulic fracturing.  In the 3-2 vote, the majority of Supervisors stated that there is “no evidence of an immediate threat to public health” and no pressing need to regulate fracking on the local level.  There are currently no oil and … Continue Reading

California Legislature Weeds out Fracking Bills and Rejects Moratorium

The California State Legislature was busy last week amending and voting on bills relating to hydraulic fracturing, including rejection of a moratorium. The Senate passed SB 4 with Senator Pavley's announcement that she would remove the fracking moratorium provision to get the bill to the Assembly. With that change, there will be no surviving bills proposing a fracking moratorium this legislative session.… Continue Reading

Assembly Committee Advances Bills to Impose Fracking Moratorium

On Monday, the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources passed three separate bills that separately would each place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. The next stop for these bills is the Assembly Committee on Appropriations, then the bills may advance to the floor. Each of the three bills would restrict fracking activities pending a determination of whether and under what conditions fracking may be conducted without risk to human health or the environment. Two of the bills, AB 1301 and AB 1323, would prohibit fracking anywhere in the state. The third bill, AB 649, would only prohibit fracking, as well as the use of clean freshwater for fracking purposes, within a yet to be determined distance of an aquifer.… Continue Reading

San Benito County Moves Toward Fracking Moratorium in Advance of DOGGR Regulations

The San Benito County Board of Supervisors asked its County Counsel to draft a moratorium on fracking for its October 15 meeting and asked staff to develop a timeline for revising its oil ordinance to address fracking. The County Board acted in response to a petition with 500 signatures collected by a local group, Aromas Cares For Our Environment, based on speculation that seismic equipment in the area was for oil or natural gas exploration.… Continue Reading

California Lawmakers Table Fracking Bills.

On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee shelved two bills relating to fracking, AB 972 and AB 591.  AB 972 would have placed a moratorium on fracking in California pending issuance of state regulations governing the practice (See August 14 post).  AB 591 would have required operators to disclose fracking activities and chemicals (See May 8 … Continue Reading

State Senate Postpones Vote on Bill to Ban Fracking

After the California Senate Appropriations Committee cancelled an August 13 hearing on AB 972 (see August 8 post), the Committee moved the bill to the suspense file to take up again this Thursday, August 16.  The bill would place a moratorium on fracking in the state until the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources … Continue Reading

California Senate Committee Advances Bill for Fracking Moratorium Pending Further Regulation

The Senate Committee on Environmental Quality on July 3rd advanced a bill (AB 972) that would prohibit the State Oil and Gas Supervisor from approving the drilling of a fracking well until the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) adopts fracking regulations.  Existing law requires a well operator to obtain approval before commencing … Continue Reading